“god i hate this show” i whisper as i click play on the next episode at 3am on a school night while my homework is abandoned on the floor along with my dreams and ambitions

Taking a moment to for once make a personal post, all for the sake of wishing Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) a wonderful and magnificent 44th Birthday. Without him I’m sure I’d be a different person, as he’s given me a sort of understanding of life that no one else could have. He’s a beautifully unique man, and someone who will always be a hero to me. I hope he lives to have many, many more birthdays and enjoys everyday despite the fact that sometimes life is hell. He’s the most intelligent man I know, with the logic of someone or something unheard of. Truly an extraordinary man and someone I hope to meet some day. 


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what is that dkljg

It’s the messenger the kids in Homestuck use— or rather, a fanmade version of it. 

aka another messenger I’m never going to actually use

oh. okay. :D 



❤ male:
❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

me: acts politely, goes to school, does homework, follows rules, rarely goes out

parents: you're fucking out of control


♪ - song you’re listening to 

♥ - crush

✔ - single or taken 

✖ - virgin/not virgin 

☀ - sexual orientation 

✌ - favorite color 

✄ - height & weight 

✞ - religious views 

☠ - worst way to die in your opinion 

✰ - best friend 

☢ - most embarrassing moment 

❅ - favorite season

♤ - pet peeves 

☃ - post a picture of yourself 

♊ - zodiac sign


The moment you break down crying.You hold in everything until the moment you are finally alone in your room. You go to school, put up with all the people from school, you have to hold in your feelings and tears until you get home from school, your relationship with someone is now going down hill, then you have to deal with the shit your parents are giving you. One problem became something so much more to handle, every little thing in your life is going completely wrong and the moment you finally get time to be alone and catch a breather, you just sit there and break down thinking about everything.


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Name: Brandy

Tumblr Name: lalaloveli

Nickname(s): BranBran, Loveli, Kitty, Cherry.

Birthday: March 20th.

Relationship Status: Taken, 2 years. c:

Random fact about you: I love cats. :’D

guys. i’m so sick dglkdgjldg ;3;




If you don’t reblog this, I’m judging you.

Tumblr user whoatash finds a list of urls on tumblr and searches through the notes on this post, crossing out the ones that have reblogged it. Tumblr user whoatash then proceeds to open every one of the other blogs that haven’t reblogged it, silently judging every one of them, while whispering,

“You should have reblogged it..”

The rapture finally happens December of 2012. We all open our eyes that morning to be greeted by an all-encompassing, warm light. We are at the gates of Heaven itself. The only thing between us is tumlbr user whoatash. They open the giant book of Who Reblogged This Post and Who Didn’t, greeting everyone from the latter list with a shake of the head and a disappointed, disapproving stare. Whoatash is literally judging you at the most crucial moment.

“You should have reblogged it.”

shame on me, now


hi. my name is вяαη∂у and this is a personal blog where i will post anything to my interest. ♥

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